Do you have any evidence that moisture in the atmosphere is mono-molecular?

2 responses to “Do you have any evidence that moisture in the atmosphere is mono-molecular?”

  1. _Jim says :

    I see this question went over REAL big on Those guys identified you quickly for the ‘crank’ you are. One lone opening post is all that remains of your presence there.

    Until you come to grips with some actual ‘physics’ in the field of meteorology (such as the composition and weight of ‘moist’ air) I expect you will persist in your nonsense.

    The pity is seeing the number of honest, sincere people to whom you will succeed in ‘selling’ your nonsense and thereby mislead them in quests they are earnestly pursuing.


    • solvingtornadoes says :

      So, uh . . . let me get this straight. You’re saying that sincere people are influenced by my theoretical thinking. I think that’s unfair to people that are not yet convinced by it. It’s as if you are accusing them of being insincere.

      Surely you are not suggesting the people at are actively censoring me? I think it more likely you are under the influence of something–sorry.

      I mean, if I’m that pathetic it’s kind of judgemental of you to suggest they would ignore somebody in such extreme need of understanding and knowledge. You can be cynical if you want, I just refuse to believe that.

      If you ever come across any evidence that H2O remains mono-molecular at ambient temperatures be sure to let us know.

      Until then,

      Solving Tornadoes

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