Moist Air Convection is to Meteorology what Greenhouse Gas Warming is to Climatology.

via Chuck’s Chatter: Science and society.

Chuck Doswell:
Another recent example is found (link to my book, Solving Tornadoes) where the person (myself, Jim McGinn) clearly doesn’t understand the physics of atmospheric gases.  He questions fundamental physical laws but provides no meaningful basis for his lack of belief in them.  There’s no basis for his wild claims about the relative densities of moist versus dry air, inter alia.  Thinking “outside the box” is one thing – making counterscientific claims with no substantial evidence is quite another.

The tactics displayed by Chuck Doswell here are the tactics that, unfortunately, are so typical of pseudoscientists.  Note that Doswell makes no specific reference to the physics that he claims that I don’t understand.  He claims that I, “question fundamental physical laws,” yet he never specifies any laws.  He goes on to claim that there is, “no basis for his wild claims about the relative densities of moist versus dry air,” yet he makes to direct reference to any such claim.  These are propaganda tactics.  These are not the argumentative tactics of honest scientists.

Moist Air Convection (the notion that moist air is lighter [more buoyant] and, consequently, convects up through drier air to cause storms) is to Meteorology what Greenhouse Gas Warming is to climatology.  It is believed because the collective political will supporting it is so much greater than the collective political will disputing it.  It’s acceptance is based on consensus and not on anything measurable or testable.

The tactics we see from Doswell are the same consensus-based tactics we see from the global warming lobby.  It involves a lot of name calling and attempts to marginalize their opponents as being ignorant, stupid, or evil.  It involves taking great care to keep dispute vague and generalistic, knowing that specific accusation provide an opportunity for specific disputes.  And, then, after that: hiding.

For more details on why I am so sure the cult of Meteorology is wrong on moist air convection, follow this link:

Hunter’s Dilemma: via Roger Tall Bloke’s Blog



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