How to Take on Tornadoes | The American Conservative

“. . . the political culture doesn’t seem much interested in combating tornadoes. Moreover, the media culture’s head is elsewhere, too.”

“. . . the media will offer little, if any, discussion of such ideas. Why not? Why this lack of interest?”

“Perhaps it’s because, as we have seen, media bandwidth has been allocated to narratives of sweet sentimentalizing and green ideologizing. Either the storm proves the moral worth of Sooners, or else it proves the need for action on climate change. But that seems to be all. In other words, new action to stop tornadoes from killing is sort of beside the point; . . .”

” . . . new technology will always confound the conventional wisdom. Such confounding is the nature of scientific revolutions, . . .”

For the full article follow this link:

How to Take on Tornadoes | The American Conservative.

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