Study of Tornadoes May Be Twisted by Bureaucracy

Tornadoes May Be Twisted by Climate Change – Scientific American.

The hypothesis relates to an important component in tornado formation: the mixing of warm air on the surface and cold air in the upper atmosphere. When these different air flows are mixed together in a stormy environment with specific convective pressures, they can spiral together to create a tornado.

This is vague, speculative and wrong.

Elsner thinks that climate change warming the atmosphere could be stifling tornado formation throughout the year, until a pocket of cold air comes along.

Given that they have thus far failed to identify a mechanism for tornadoes it’s comical to suggest that combining this confusion with the confused (and intellectually dishonest) thinking of climate change is going to, somehow, bring clarity to the issue.

Brooks said tackling the physical mechanism is the next big challenge for scientists, and he said several scientists are already working on it.

The physical mechanism of the vague trend that Elsner is referring to will be forever invisible to Brooks and his associates until after they have identified the physical mechanism(s) that underlie the formation of vortices in our atmosphere, and the big discovery in that regard is the discovery of the plasma phase of H2O which—as I have explained—is an implication of moist air along wind-shear boundaries. (For more on this “big discovery” see the book advertised on this blog and/or check out this post.) And as for their purported, “big challenge,” who are these, “several scientists?” And what exactly is the, “it” that they have, “already been working on?” People within NOAA (and similar agencies) have been making these kind of vague claims now for fifty years, but nothing ever comes of it.

For more, see my previous conversations with Harold Brooks.

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