You are the #1 reason people still die in tornadoes

The reason tornadoes have not been solved and are not likely to be solved anytime soon is because of you.  Because you are letting the people that are supposed to be studying this get away with not doing their job.  The number one job of a scientist is to know what they don’t know and find out.  Scientists in the field of tornadogenesis know that they don’t know that convection powers storms and tornadoes.  Surely they believe it.  And, undoubtedly, most of them believe it in such depth that they feel that they know it.  But the fact is they don’t know it because it is common knowledge that it has never been tested. It’s their job to know for sure and not to guess.   It’s their job to test it.  But they aren’t going to test it because until people like you insist that they do they are just aren’t.  And people are going to continue to die in tornadoes.  And its all because of you.

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