Irrational Obsession with Buoyancy Thwarts Progress in Tornadogenesis

July 1, 2014
Chuck Doswell stated:

It is this large release of latent heat from condensing water vapor that powers thunderstorms.

September 2, 2014
Anonymous, (Defending Chuck Doswell) in Doswellian Lunacy Prevails . . .

The claim that meteorologists think differences in density between moist and dry air power thunderstorms is counterfactual.

September 2014
Paul Markowski and Yvette Richardson

Air parcels expand and cool as they move upward into lower ambient pressure, but the cooling can lead to phase changes for water vapor in the air. In deep moist convection, heat release during condensation—and, to a lesser extent, freezing—slows the cooling rate of the parcels as they continue upward.

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