Cult mentality of Meteorology

Two things I’ve noticed about meteorologists that seem to go hand in hand:

1) Meteorologists don’t talk about theory

2) When they do attempt to discuss theory they are childishly amateurish.

This all has to do with being a member of a brain dead pseudo scientific institution serving a political agenda.

Convection is not a hypothesis.  It’s just a notion.  Nobody has ever claimed to have tested it.  No meteorologist even claims to be able to measure it.  Nor does any meteorologist claim to be able to concisely define it.  It is a notion that is never doubted or even questions by meteorologists.  They are completely brain dead on this issue.  Moreover, being brain-dead on this issue is a prerequisite to being a meteorologist.  So this issue can never come up between meteorologists. Beyond that they just hide behind their consensus.

The blatant, anti-scientific nature of the cult of meteorology is very real.

And it is right there for you to see.

All you have to do is ask them to explain why they believe in what they have never tested, measured or even defined and stare into the the eyes of  a brain-dead cult as they fail to even grasp why any of that is important.

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