Do You Live in Tornado Alley? I Got Some Bad News For You:

The people that you entrusted to achieve a scientific understanding of severe weather, especially tornadoes, may not be doing the things that you might expect them to be doing.

Here are the issues you should be concerned about:

  • Are they being properly scientific?
  • Do they even know what it means to be properly scientific?
  • Do they know what they don’t know?
  • Are they open in revealing what they don’t know?
  • Are they open to new ideas?
  • Are they even asking the right questions and are they competent enough to know whether they are or are not asking the right questions?  (And how would you know?)
  • Are they trustworthy in their self-evaluation.
  • Are they being honest and explicit with the public about what they have not yet figured out?
  • Do they care?  Or are they just picking up pay checks?
  • And how would you know?
  • What questions should you be asking?  (Don’t you think you have the right to ask?  You’re paying for it!)
  • Do the disciplines that are involved with tornado theory work well with other disciplines that theorize on atmospheric processes or do they ignore each other and resent each other’s input, like children in kindergarten?
  • Do you know what questions you should be asking?  Do you know what to do if you ask the right question and get wrong answer?
  • Do you know what questions that you don’t get answers too should cause you to be alarmed and why you should be alarmed?
  • Do you know how to help a meteorologists be honest about what he doesn’t know and how to help them know that that isn’t anything to be ashamed of?
  • Do you want to solve tornadoes or do you want to keep paying these dufusses (or is it dufi?)  to continue pretending they understand something they–obviously–do not?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  It might save your life.


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