Why I get so much enjoyment exposing steam based stupidity

AFAICS the whole discipline of meteorology is about politburo-like edicts that must be accepted by all members. The first of which being that convection powers storms. IOW, asking a meteorologist to reject convection (storm theory, tornadogenesis) is like asking a christian to reject jesus, or the virgin birth.

Having done it for such an extensive period of time, from the inception of Meteorology 170 years ago until the present, meteorologists have gotten pretty good at putting the square peg of convection into the round whole of reality and pretending that that made sense.

But the reality is that it doesn’t make sense.  Moist air is heavier, not lighter, than dry air.

Who would have guessed?

I didn’t have to guess.  I knew, because I understand the H2O molecule’s hydrogen bond, polarity, and polarity neutralization.

(The physical forces necessary to overcome the strength of the hydrogen bond between individual [not clumps {it’s actully LOWER for clumps than for individuals, by a great magnitude!}] molecules of H2O is not trivial. IOW, our atmosphere is not hot enough to support existence of steam.  There is no steam [mono-molecular H2O] in our atmosphere.  That steam can persist at ambient temperatures is a myth that is completely at odds with the evidence. [that most meteorologists will ignore everything I’m saying and continue to whistle Dixie on this issue, is not anything I have any control over].)

And then I made a bigger discovery.  Through my advanced understanding of the H2O molecule’s hydrogen bond, polarity, and polarity neutralization I began theorizing a phase of water that is itself, at least in part, an implication of these known factors.  I theorized it having properties of a cool plasma (details are in my book).  I also theorize it having structural properties like those apparent in high energy, boundary layer, wind-shear: tornadoes, jet streams, and thundercloud activity.  (I also include CAT and Cirrus clouds because the presence of structure can be, I would argue, inferred).  IOW, the plasma of which I speak is a real thing.  But it only exists under high energy conditions (BTW, clash of dry air and moist air is essential–like we see at tropopause/stratosphere boundary) and is therefore hard to prove or disprove.  It is genuinely hard to test.

In contrast, convection is an easy test.   In fact it has already been done.  The evidence is already in that proves that moist air is heavier than dry air.  But they will continue to ignore it.  Unfortunately the reality is that my advanced understanding of H2O molecule’s hydrogen bond, polarity, and polarity neutralization means nothing to people whose whole thought process is geared to creating explanations that better conceal the steam in all their assumptions.  They bumble on with steam in all their thoughts, being unable to conceal the smell of it in their words.

I guess that is why I get so much enjoyment exposing the steam based stupidity that they try so hard to conceal.

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