You Have a Right to Scream Bloody Murder


How to identify a cult in science

1) They believe strongest and are conceptually most committed to some notion they cannot and/or will not measure, test, define.

2) They ignore, avoid, and shun anybody or any information that throws disfavor on their sacred notion

Meteorologists are brain-dead stupid on the subject of convection. They do not entertain doubts about the validity of the subject. If you want to get them to discuss the subject (to either reveal their stupidity on this subject or to attempt to educate them) they will evade the discussion. They will become belligerent and defensive as if you are attacking a religious belief. Actually, it is a religious belief for them. Literally. It is a sacred notion. All meteorologists, first and foremost, are taught to BELIEVE in convection. To these institutionalized dunces belief in convection is synonymous with being a meteorologist. To them it’s incomprehensible that it could possibly be wrong (but they will be unable to tell you why).

Convection is so sacred to a meteorologist that the possibility that it could be wrong is a taboo subject

All meteorologists will evade any and all discussion that throws doubt on the scientific validity of convection assumptions of meteorology. No meteorologist will admit or discuss the fact (which is undeniable) that convection has never been measured, tested, or concisely defined. No meteorologist will admit or allow discussion of the hard evidence that indicates that if convection was ever tested or measured it would fail miserably.

  • Convection is to a meteorologist what spontaneous generation is to creationist
  • Convection is to a meteorologist what perpetual motion is to a new-age physicist
  • Convection is to a meteorologist what CO2 Forcing is to an Al-Gore-allied climate scientist

Convection is a concept that is intellectually confounding in that it can, essentially, mean anything anybody wants it to mean. Consequently, meteorologists use convection as a weapon to intellectually nullify anybody that disputes their phoney expertise.  Just like spontaneous generation and perpetual motion are ultimately unmeasurable, untestable, and undefinable, meteorologists assert the existence of convection and pretend that the fact that nobody can dispute it means it’s valid.  Beyond that they just hide behind their consensus to evade anybody–like me–that suggests that in fact convection is measurable, it is testable, it is definable, and it will/does fail.

Meteorologists are not honest scientists pursuing objective truth.  Meteorologists have a hidden agenda–a belief in convection–that comes before any pursuit of truth and that is employed by them to alienate anybody that is attempting to do honest science and/or expose their incompetence.  Getting them to test convection and publicly acknowledge the results is the only way this cult and its stranglehold on progress in meteorology, storm theory, and tornadogenesis will ever be broken.

We all must work extra hard to expose meteorologists for being fools they actually are.  We must force them to be so embarrassed by their inability to confront this issue that they shirk away, allowing real science to proceed.  Just like climastrologers, meteorologists have a right to be stupid.  Everybody does.  But that doesn’t mean that public is obligated to blindly follow these pretend scientists.  You have the right to ask questions and put them on the spot to draw attention to their inability to answer questions.  You have a right to ask them why they refuse to test convection.  And when they refuse to answer or even acknowledge your question you have a right to scream bloody murder. Because that is what it is!

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