Do you believe in cold steam?

The notion that steam can persist at temperatures below the boiling point of H2O is, of course, plainly absurd.  It is so absurd in fact that even people that believe that cold steam can and does persist in our atmosphere will never publicly acknowledge that they believe such.  Who are these people?  They are meteorologists.  Meteorologists choose to believe that moist air convection is the only process than can explain how moisture gets up high in our atmosphere.  And since they believe this they have no choice but to also believe that moist air (all other factors being the same) is lighter than dry air.  The fact is they have never actually measured/tested this.  They just choose to believe.  Like a religion or a cult.

How then, you may be wondering, do they deal with this contradiction?  How do they deal with the fact that they believe in something that is physically impossible and that has never been measured/tested?  The answer is very simple.  They ignore it.  How do they deal with people that confront them with this contradiction.  Once again, the answer is simple.  They ignore them.  How do meteorologists deal with the fact that there are sub-disciplines of meteorology, like tornadogenesis, that languish as a result of the fact that all meteorologists are married to the impossible notion of cold-steam convection?  Again, the answer is simple.  They ignore it.

Don’t take my word for any of this.  Find out for yourself.  Ask a meteorologists if convection is possible without the existence of cold steam.  Ask them if they have ever measured/tested the notion that moist air is lighter than dry air.  Ask them how they are so sure that convection is the only processes that powers the uplift witnessed in storms.  Try it.  I guarantee you that you will not get any meteorologists to even acknowledge the validity of these questions.  They will ignore you every step of the way because that is what their cult demands of them.

4 responses to “Do you believe in cold steam?”

  1. nameus says :

    this stuff is poop.

  2. Steve Noskowicz says :

    Your first sentence is false. Steam is water vapor.

    Scroll down to the water phase diagram to see water vapor down to less than -60 Deg C.

    I think one can colloquially call that “cold”.

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