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My submission to Reader Comment Section:

(Post note: this submission was accepted and appears in the April issue.)

A river that has no banks is not a river, it is a flood.  Might the same be true for jet streams?  If so, might this suggest an undiscovered plasma that facilitates the structural integrity that, like the banks of a river, makes the focused flow of jet streams possible? Your article on jet streams, entitled How Sick is the Jet Stream? February 2015, goes a long way to opening people’s minds to the possibility that there is more to the atmosphere than just wind and water. On my own website,, I attempt to breath some life into these questions by drawing parallels between jet streams and tornadoes, going so far as to suggest that the plainly observable cone or vortex of a tornado is evidence that substantiates the existence of this theoretical plasma. In my book entitled, Vortex Phase: The Discovery of the Spin That Underlies the Twist, I take it a step further suggesting a simple solution to large, violent tornadoes. Thank you for providing graphic evidence that jet streams play a much greater role in our everyday lives than was previously even imagined.
James McGinn (aka Claudius Denk)
Pres. Solving Tornadoes

For more on this theme follow this link:
The Fourth Phase of Water

4 responses to “Submission to Reader Comment Section of Ideas and Discoveries Magazine”

  1. vis0 says :

    The following you can take as completely crazy and remove it from public view, BUT save a copy for yourself (or whom ever is studying Tornadoes) Do not attempt to follow the following CLUEs. DO the work you know fits today’s knowledge base but if during your work you come across something that fits into the following CLUEs yet seems wrong do not throw away that idea. Store that idea/test for further research during off time, maybe retirement …MANY yrs from now.

    i have no degrees, graduated from NYiT BS, but received 2 weeks later the withdrawal of my BS ’cause a law being “grandfathered” as to the language i took. In lowering my credits from 3 to 1 for that language course i took, (Spanish, cause i’m of Spanish descent, never mind i did not speak it well & the course helped me become fluent in Spanish) i lost the BS degree (was working Full time to pay for college & other life necessities and in 1.5 yrs still had 42 credits) . i was told i had to take 6 more months and 3 course minimum which i could not afford so i have no official degree.

    Went on to my main Luv photography/cameraman and supported my hobbies via small inventions (mainly toys for kids) and working as a housekeeper in NYc.

    i would write on several blogs (early 1990s-2014) which i recently deleted (the ones on private servers) on a science of which i wrote ~32,000 pgs as a kid, which i call “sciencious”, “Science with a Conscience” of which what i call an arm of the science “Galacsics”. To me there are 5 areas of science, Physics & (temporary bridges to n fro are “ascending Quantum”) & Galacsics (temporary bridges to n fro are “descending Quantum”) and all as 1 the supreme energy some today call “gawd” which encompasses all yet is 100% neutral in its nature, hence “gawd” is all unconditional love.

    A couple of my discoveries (though none are official, as i was always hoping to find an intelligent open minded person to help but forth my theories as i stink at physics, 40+yrs of trying never happened) deals with that EVERY element falls into 5 properties/states. i know it is stated that water falls into the most properties 3 or 4, i state 5 (solid, liquid, gas, plasma, ethereal) and so does every Element, except H & He ‘s 5th can be split into 2(aEthereal & dEthereal, which is what led to the quite ocean this universe was till a big in coverage not loudness “bang” awoke it with g-wells to g-valleys and 4 other versions of gravitational reactions but i digress). A descending & ascending within the Ethereal H&He version(s) so the latter 2 will appear one day to exist within 6 properties. In the end intelligent beings can form close to 900 (887…888 is used to “time-twist” any recyclable ‘light” ) elements by discovering how ~175 elements can each be manipulated into 5 properties each.

    Going to skip any more of my “clues” as to not waste your time. Study how the stronger the motion of air the more that air is affected by sounds (lower -!!!!!!!! sounds are more efficient) and magnetism as to the magnetism’s natural blocker. Once you figure out what that “blocker” is, reproduce it via a cross pattern sound waves. Aimed in a circular fashion it can influence weather at up to 45 degrees from wheresoever that cross pattern is centered at. Here is the “catch” this device cannot be grounded to physics, it has to be hovering above ground never touch by anything (including Humans, animals, spiderwebs etc) that is grounded to physics. Here a weird clue pay attention to dust in the testing room, by shining a bright angled light if you see the dust rise & fall and rise WITHOUT the dust being agitated you are creating (as small as it may be) an energy interaction that becomes un-grounded to the physical world.

    This i’m sure reads as mumbo jumbo but as 1 last clue to watch, since 1970 i’ve told my elementary teachers to college teachers to scientists i wrote or talked to, to observe when modern science figures that Black Holes take in light & turn it into sounds BEGINNING at LOWER than 0.1(power of -32) Hz., those types of Black holes can one day show science how 3 forms of “sounds/resonances/vibrations can travel faster than what we call Light., i call Ml any Black holes with “higher” sounds are either un-joined or for simple uses.,peace

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