Convective Cooling

Mark Stoval:
“. . . Insulation is all about reducing or eliminating convective cooling which is the loss of warm air . . . ”

Jim McGinn (Solving Tornadoes)
I think the term convective cooling is both a nonsequitor and is innaccurate and misleading. Convection is a process that strictly involves air rising or falling as a result of it being lighter or heavier. It strictly involve buoyancy. Unfortunately the concept of “convection” is unwittingly applied by many in a blanket manner even when it has no relevance and/or agency. This is not to say that your basic premise is not correct. Yes, most of the cooling that takes place at the surface is facilitated by mixing. But, a very small amount of the mixing that happens in the troposphere is a result of convection. Over 90% (by my guestimate) of the mixing that happens at the surface (and in the troposphere in general) is the result of storms. Storms have nothing whatsoever to do with convection (don’t blindly follow those the suggest otherwise, challenge them). Storms have to do with a plasma phase of water that takes place at dry/moist windshear boundaries. Don’t be a sheep for meteorological propaganda. Storms are what cause the mixing. Not convection. And storms have nothing to do with convection. As a stated above, storms have to do with a plasma phase of water that provides the structure of jet streams and the storms that jet streams cause/facilitate:

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