Where do severe storms get their energy from?

Answer by James McGinn:

This is a subject that meteorologists refuse to discuss in detail.  It’s obvious that they don’t really know the answer and are depending on the vagueness of their explanations to convince the public that they do know what they actually do not.  Meteorology has a long tradition of pretending they understand what they do not.

If you corner a meteorologists and confront them with the problem they will respond with phrases or concepts along the line of “convection” or “buoyancy of rising air” or concepts like latent heat.  They may pepper their explanation with other vague details to create the illusion that they understand what they do not.  If you attempt to get them to provide some kind of empirical/evidence support they will change the subject.  And if you become insistent they will become belligerent.

So, if you really want to get to the empirical truth on this questions the first thing you have to do is to learn to avoid meteorologists.  They have been trained to lie to you on this issue.  And they are lockstep determined to keep the public from figuring out that they haven’t a clue as to the correct answer to your very valid question.

The truth on this issue can only be realized by first understanding the plasma phase of H2O that takes place in our atmosphere.

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