Book review: Wind Controlled Climate: Doctoral thesis by Hans Jelbring

Richard Holle: “The main stream idea is that the thermal content of the atmosphere alone drives the global winds and circulation patterns, if this were the case the patterns generated would be more diffuse and less cyclic . . . “

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[This article was first published 11th March 2012.
April 2015 Dr Tim Ball in a guest article at WUWT references Dr Hans Jelbring’s thesis.  This review may be useful.

Advection: The Forgotten Weather Factor

 Sadly there are no more copies of the thesis available.
— Tim, co-mod]

Tallbloke wrote: –

Yesterday I had a full day to myself and the opportunity to read one of the copies of the Doctoral Thesis Hans sent me.

This is a superb piece of work. It balances the known with the unknown, and encompasses all timescales from the birth of our planet to the weather pattern changes which occur overnight. As an overview of climate and how we can go about trying to understand it, condensed into 111 pages of readable cogent thinking written in plain language, I cannot think of a better primer for those who have a strong interest in the relative…

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