Advection: The Forgotten Weather Factor

Will Dr. Tim Take His Own Medicine?

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Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball

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The early Greeks had a better, more basic understanding of weather and climate than the people involved in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Indeed, the word climate derives from the Greek word klima, meaning inclination, referring to the climate conditions created by the angle of the Sun. They paid great attention to the wind, realizing its role in creating local, regional and seasonal conditions. They even erected a tower to the wind in Athens (Figure 1) with sculptures representing each major compass direction.


Figure 1

The Greeks focused on the more important horizontal movement of air, technically called advection or more commonly, wind. In the modern era people like C. W. Thornthwaite understood the role of wind as he considered, surface and air temperatures, insolation and wind speed, major factors affecting the potential for evaporation and evapotranspiration. More recently…

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3 responses to “Advection: The Forgotten Weather Factor”

  1. solvingtornadoes says :

    Will Dr. Tim Take His Own Medicine?

    I appreciate Dr. Tim Ball’s scrutiny of IPCC, but I think the same scrutiny when applied to his own paradigm would yield similar disparities with empirical reality. For example, he states: “Convective cells are the major mechanism of vertical energy transfer from the surface to the atmosphere, especially in the tropics.”
    Has this notion and its underlying assumptions (the most pertinent being the assumption that moist air is lighter than dry air and its underlying assumption [that the moisture in moist air is gaseous H2O {“cold steam”} and not a much heavier variant of atmospheric H2O, vapor {vapor being clumps/droplets of H2O}]) been tested? Or, for that matter, have meteorologists even thought about the fact that “cold steam” has never been detected in a laboratory — or anywhere!

    If one were to look into it, as have I, they would find that the following comment can be more broadly applied: “As Richard Lindzen said years ago, the consensus was reached before the research had even begun. From the beginning, evidence has constantly emerged, and almost all of it contradicts the assumptions made and reinforces a null hypothesis, which the IPCC never entertained.”

    Do You Believe in Cold Steam?

    A Simple Experiment That Meteorologists Refuse to do

    BREAKING NEWS: Convection has been tested. And it has failed miserably, a long time ago

    Jim McGinn

    • theflagstafftutor says :

      @solvingtornadoes from Laredo.
      Thanks for the info. Yes. plasma is just beginning to be understood. M.T. Keshe talks a lot about plasma and magnetic field interaction although I’m not sure how much of it is validated, but it sounds like you may be able to determine if his work sounds legit. I’d love to hear your opinion on it. My friend hosts live online workshops weekly with Mr. Keshe that you may want to check out:

      Another great book from 1955 that I believe is all about plasma is Karl Schappeller’s work by Davison called “The Physics of the Primary State of Matter,” in which he says that steam production requires a “heat stressfield,” adding to your idea that there is no “cold steam.” The book is at

      All I know about the great winds is from the following:
      From pg ~290 of Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson by G.I. Gurdjieff (ca 1925)
      “The cause of the destruction of these ‘centers of culture’ and of the
      changes on the surface of the Earth was a new catastrophe, the third for this
      ill-fated planet.
      “This third catastrophe was entirely local in character, and occurred as a
      result of unprecedented accelerated ‘displacements of parts of the atmosphere’
      or, as your favorites would say, ‘great winds,’ which lasted several years.
      “And the cause of these abnormal displacements, or ‘great winds,’ was
      once again those two fragments which had broken off from this planet of
      yours during the first great calamity [comet strike] and which later became small
      independent planets of that solar system, known today as the ‘Moon’ and ‘Anulios.’
      “Strictly speaking, the main cause of this third terrestrial catastrophe was
      the larger of the fragments, namely the Moon, the smaller fragment, Anulios,
      played no part in it whatsoever.
      “The accelerated displacements in the Earth’s atmosphere came about in
      the following way:
      “When the atmosphere around the small, accidentally arisen planet Moon
      had been finally formed, and the Moon was still falling back upon its
      fundamental mass, by a path established according to the already mentioned
      ‘law of catching up,’ and this newly arisen definite presence around the Moon
      had not yet acquired its own harmony within the ‘common-system harmony of
      movement,’ then the ‘osmooalnian friction,’ as it is called, not being
      harmonized with the whole, provoked in the Earth’s atmosphere these
      accelerated displacements, or ‘great winds.’
      “And by the force of their currents these unprecedented ‘great winds’ began
      to wear away the projecting land masses and to fill up the corresponding
      “Among these depressions were the two regions of the continent of
      Ashhark where the process of existence of the first and second groups of the
      beings of what is now called ‘Asia’ were chiefly concentrated, that is to say,
      the main parts of the countries of Tikliamish [Uzbekistan] and Maralpleicie
      [Gobi Desert].
      “Certain parts of the country of Pearl-land [India] were also covered by sand, as
      well as the region in the middle of the continent of Grabontzi [Africa] where, after the
      loss of Atlantis, there was formed the leading ‘center of culture,’ as they called
      it, for all the three-brained beings there—a region that in those times was the
      most flourishing part of the surface of your planet and is now a desert, known
      as the ‘Sahara.’
      “Bear in mind that, besides the countries I have mentioned, several other smallish
      land surfaces of that hapless planet were also covered by sand as a result of those
      abnormal winds.
      “It is interesting to note here that your contemporary favorites also learned, by
      some means or other, that the three-centered beings of that period changed the
      places of their permanent existence, and having attached one of their ‘labels’
      to this, namely, the ‘great migration of races,’ they stuck it on to what they call
      their ‘knowledge.’
      “A number of the ‘learned’ there are now puffing and blowing with all their
      might to find out why and how it all occurred, so that they can tell everybody
      else about it.
      “At the present time there are several theories about this that have nothing
      in common and, in an objective sense, are each more absurd than the other,
      but are nevertheless recognized there by what is called ‘official science.’
      “But in fact, the true cause of the migration of the three-centered beings of
      that epoch was that as soon as this process of erosion began, the beings
      inhabiting the continent of Ashhark, fearing to be buried by the sands, started
      to move to other, safer places. And this migration took place in the following
      “Most of the three-brained beings populating Tikliamish moved to the
      southern part of the continent of Ashhark, to the country later called ‘Persia,’
      while the rest moved north and settled in the regions afterward called
      ‘Kirghizcheri’ [Russia??].
      “As for the beings inhabiting the country of Maralpleicie, some wandered
      eastward, while the others, the majority, went toward the west.
      “Those who went east, after crossing high mountains, settled on the shores
      of a large ‘saliakooriapnian’ space, in the region later called ‘China.’
      “And those beings of Maralpleicie who had sought safety by moving to the
      west, after wandering from place to place,
      ultimately reached the neighboring continent, later called ‘Europe. ‘
      “As for the three-brained beings who existed in the middle of the continent
      of Grabontzi, they dispersed over the whole surface of the planet.

      • solvingtornadoes says :

        I couldn’t make sense of it. Maybe I didn’t give it the time it deserves, When I see the phrase “free energy” my mind immediately fogs over. Sorry.

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