Why You Have to Be Dumb to Believe Much of Meteorology

You have to about be slow witted to believe that steam (the gaseous form of H2O) can exist at temperatures below its boiling point. Meteorologists don’t actually even believe this. Like AGW advocates, they just refuse to scrutinize it because their models require it. The somewhat parallel notions that storms are caused by “latent heat” or convection are also rather obvious BS, neither ever having been tested.


There are very few real scientists in the atmospheric sciences. I am one of the extremely rare exceptions:

It’s strangely typical for science groupies, like Joel Shore, to have formed steadfast beliefs for notions for which they have zero supporting evidence and for which they never even put two minutes of thought before they declare victory for a fight they’ve never fought and that has never been contested by anybody.

Science groupies are ruining the atmospheric sciences by clogging it up with endless political nonsense.

Where Do Winds Come From?

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