What is the molecular mechanism underlying non-Newtonian fluids?

Consider a mixture of corn starch and water, which is said to be a non-Newtonian fluid:

What is actually happening at the molecular level to cause the associated behavior?  Here is a hint:
This second video does not provide the answer to this question but it steps you right up to the precipice.  The hint comes between 2:00 and 2:30.  I hope you will take this as a challenge and attempt to answer the question.  (Remember, we’re looking for a molecular mechanism.)
I will give you one more hint.  When you understand this mechanism you will also have the basis for understanding how this same mechanism underlies many of the other quirky characteristics of the H2O molecule, including: the high boiling point of water, the fact that it expands when it freezes, the Mbasa effect, super chilled water, cavitation, Gerald Pollack’s EZ water, and my own theoretical thinking regarding a plasma phase of water being instrumental in the emergence of vortices (jet streams) that facilitate atmospheric flow.

Good luck.  I hope somebody gets the right answer.  I will be providing the correct answer by May 11th, 2015.

Follow this link for the solution: Solution

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