Via Roger Tall Bloke

Beginner’s guide to convection cells

Ben Wouters says:
“Suggest to stay away from a discussion with Will Janoschka.”

What I like about Will is that when he doesn’t understand something he doesn’t pretend that he does. You should follow his example.

Ben Wouters says:
The guy is just looking to insult people, and lacks the intelligence to understand pretty simple concepts like convection and the DALR and SALR.

There is a big difference between having an explanation that is simple and an explanation that is parsimonious. Only through addressing details (and in a quantitative manner) can your thinking be said to have achieved the latter. When it comes to the concepts of convection, DALR, and SALR you’ve but scratched the surface in that respect.

What you believe may be simple but that does not mean it is scientifically valid.

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