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Solving Tornadoes is Recruiting Teammates

Do you want to be part of a team that brings a solution to large violent tornadoes to the world? Solving Tornadoes, http://www.solvingtornadoes.com, is recruiting. Our goal is to sell ourselves as a unit to a large company (possibly in a non-profit capacity) that can sell our services on a consulting basis to government based meteorological entities that are currently languishing under poorly understood scientific premises.

Imagine being part of one of the following: Google Weather consultants, Amazon Severe Weather Mitigation consultants, or Oracle Tornado Abatement Services.

Does this sound crazy? Well, what isn’t crazy is that the science that underlies these claims is already done. What we need now is to put together a team that can sell ourselves, Solving Tornadoes, to one or another of the large companies that can then sell our solution to government entities.

Requirements: Ability to understand complex scientific theories. Experience with Gas laws and ability to convey insights thereof to a lay audience. A degree in physics, especially atmospheric physics, is preferred. (Note: meteorological experience is not needed or even desired.)

Additionally, understanding of H2O’s polarity, hydrogen bonding, and implications thereof is also desirable.

If interested send email to solvingtornadoes@gmail.com