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Doswellian Lunacy Prevails in the Cult of Meteorology/Tornadogenesis


Chuck Doswell said…

Finally, a large mixing ratio for water vapor in air is about 10 g per kg of dry air. If all the water vapor in a given volume were to condense to liquid water, the mass of the water in the volume would not change. However, because the water is now in its much denser liquid form, it could then fall out of that volume, leaving behind only dry air. The weight of the remaining air would be reduced by about 1%.

In the process of condensing, the water would release latent heat – water has a latent heat of 2260 kJ per kg. For a mixing ratio of 10 g per kg, that would amount to 22.6 kJ of latent heat per kg of dry air. The release of that latent heat within that volume would warm the remaining dry air.

To determine the amount of warming, we need the specific heat of dry air, which is 1.0 kJ per kg per deg C. Thus, the release of latent heat by the complete condensation of 10 g of water vapor per kg of dry air would raise the temperature of the air by 22.6 deg C!

It is this large release of latent heat from condensing water vapor that powers thunderstorms.

July 1, 2014 at 12:33 PM

Jim McGinn:
There is no steam (gaseous H2O) in Earth’s atmosphere.  “Cold steam” is nothing but an urban legend created to sell text books to gullible students. There is no phase change and, therefore, no source of the “latent heat.”  All of the laboratory evidence clearly indicates that the gaseous phase of H2O occurs only at temperatures above its known boiling point.  It is lunacy to suggest otherwise.  The H2O droplets/clusters that are suspended in moist air DO NOT release any latent heat as the miniature (invisible) droplets therein condense into larger (visible) droplets, regardless of whether they then become large enough to be visible by the naked eye (dew point) or large enough to fall out of the atmosphere (precipitation).  So everything stated above is lunacy put forth by pseudoscientists.  Doswell refuses to substantiate any of this.  He hides.  He throws stones at anybody that draws attention to his dishonesty. But he won’t actually debate any of this.  Just like climatologists (phoney environmental activists) who would have us believe the ice caps are melting, severe weather phoneys never debate.

Strangely, this kind of cultish lunacy persists in the disciplines of meteorology/tornadogenesis.  As shown here, Doswell and his ilk continue to profess blatant pseudoscience unopposed by any kind of greater authority within the cult of meteorology/tornadogenesis.

And its a damn shame!

Jim McGinn



Moral High Ground: the last bastion of pseudoscience



Chuck Doswell said…


I am allowing your comment to be posted, as it illustrates nicely what I’m talking about. However, any further attempts by you to post here will not be accepted. Additional discussion with you is not going to be worthwhile.

July 1, 2014 at 11:30 AM

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But what you are not seeing from this apostle of self-righteous indignation is the post I submitted prior to that:

So, Chuck, how do you think this boy’s father would feel if he was told that the convection assumptions of Meteorology’s storm theory had never been tested/measured?  (Follow link):